Turning 50 – A Bad Poem

I never really thought about the day

Where my friends and family would say . . .

Happy fiftieth birthday to you we wish,

Now go out and have some fun; and oh, your cake was delish! birthday cake

Getting older is a hard thing to do,

But for now I can still walk, and my food I can chew.

But there are parts that are a failin’

Running is harder, my physique is bailin’

I can’t see any more, I have to wear glasses.

I’m gaining weight around the middle from sitting on my as- . . . ummmm, molasses?

My hearin’ I’m losin’, and to that there’s no mistakin’

I pretend to hear, but it’s hard to keep fakin’

You say, “Come quick! You’re son got a stick jammed in his eye!!”

And I hear, “Would you like to try some of my grandma’s apple pie!”

To the food I eat, I’ve made some changes

My beer and burgers have become fruits and grains.

No, growin’ old isn’t easy.

Especially when I have to eat those little green peas-ies.

Sure I’m achy, sometimes hurtin’

But I promise  this ain’t the final curtain.

There’s still life in these old bones, I tell ye.

Because I plan to keep on rockin’ til I’m a hundred and three.


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