Going back in time

My son hasn’t quite perfected that time machine that I’ve written about in the past, but the other day he did send me back in time. It seems that since he’s moved up to fourth grade and a new school, that Four Square is all the rage. He’s been talking about it for weeks, and in the back of my mind, I could vaguely remember playing that.

We now have our very own four square court.

We now have our very own four square court.

But then just a few days ago, he actually drew a four square court on our back patio, and then I remembered it clearly. It instantly took me back . . . to fourth grade. I think fourth grade was the last time I played the game. And then he got me out there to play four square for the first time in . . . gosh, I’m not sure I want to admit how many years. But it’s been a few. Isn’t it funny how doing something for the first time in a long time can take us back to another time in our life. And that’s what happened to me. There I was, back on the playground of my own elementary school, seeing kids I haven’t seen (or thought of) in years. People who will forever remain young in my memory.

Songs from that time instantly came back, like “Bennie and the Jets” and, who can forget, “Don’t Rock the Boat.”

TV shows I hadn’t seen in years came played briefly in my mind, and the lyrics to their theme songs, not heard in years, were instantly sung in my head. Shows like “WKRP” and “Welcome Back Kotter.”

It was a strange sensation to have all those memories come flooding back at once.

But another thing I had forgotten was how much fun the game was. My son and I played on our newly-installed four square court, and I had a blast.

And as we played, my son told me about some of the arguments that would come up during games at his school. And rules they had for playing. And different game formats.

And even though we were alone, I could almost hear the kids from my own playground years ago yelling. And arguing. Running. And laughing.

And above all, having fun.

No, it wasn’t quite a time machine my son built. But he took me back in time in a way that was just as powerful. And, with him as my copilot, even more enjoyable.

  2 comments for “Going back in time

  1. April 18, 2014 at 8:27 am

    It was like a time machine. How great for both of you to have that connection. His memories of foursquare – when he’s your age- will include YOU as well as his friends. That will be special for him. I do not know that game so I will have to ask my grandkids if they know it. Sparks is the same age as your son.

  2. April 19, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    I am champing at the bit….how how how do you play it? Can’t keep it to yourself come on! 🙂 happy Easter x

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