Why Andy Griffith continues to be a TV favorite

Last Wednesday marked the one year anniversary of the death of Andy Griffith. As for many, including myself, the Andy Griffith show continues to be a favorite.

I remember watching this show a lot in reruns while I was growing up. And even now, I never get tired of watching it.

I think there are several reasons why this show continues to be so enjoyable.

The family aspect was way ahead of its time

This show is considered a “Family Show.” But think about it, none of the main characters were married. The life revolved around a single parent trying to balance work with raising his son. His best friend was single, and the show often involved overcoming uncertainties about being single while at the same time trying to find someone else. This show began in 1960, and a single dad raising a son isn’t what we normally think of for the typical family from that time.

Parenting with accountability

Andy’s parenting style was patient, but also demanded responsibility and accountability from Opie. For every action, there were consequences. If Opie wanted to buy something, he had to earn the money himself.

A simpler life

I’ll be the first to admit that I love my IPhone. And the internet. And my DVR. But there are times when maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed with today’s technology. Sometimes, the slower pace of Mayberry does look appealing.

Taking care of family and friends

Andy, especially, and most of the other characters, looked out for one another. How many times did Andy bail Barney out of one mess or another? And his home family was a bit unusual with himself, his son, and his aunt. Not the normal family unit we think of from the 1960s.

Certainly there have been other TV shows over the years that I’ve enjoyed. But The Andy Griffith Show continues to have a special place with me. What do you think?

  2 comments for “Why Andy Griffith continues to be a TV favorite

  1. July 12, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    My girls love this show as much as their dad and I do, along with I Love Lucy. They’ve learned to love old movies, as well. Today’s family shows make the parents and most other adults look like idiots. No respect is given to the father and very little to the mother. In these shows the kids rule and barely suffer any consequences for the ridiculous trouble they get into. Never thought I’d ban my girls from Disney and Nick, but I have.

    • July 12, 2013 at 7:54 pm

      I agree, Lauri, I don’t know why today’s shows usually have the adults looking so inept at home, yet they are often able to hold down very professional jobs.

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