I’m always up for a good (or bad) Lifetime movie

I almost always enjoy getting to work. For one reason, I enjoy my job. But even more than that, by the time I get to work, I feel like my day is already made.

I think a lot of parents probably feel that way. It’s sometimes so stressful to try to get everything done in the mornings and get to work on time (or at least within the neighborhood of on time), that it’s just a relief to have made it out the door without having killed anyone.

This was even more true when my son was younger. I don’t want to make the kid sound bad, but he made that girl from The Exorcist look like one of the kids from the Brady Bunch. His head didn’t spin around, but there was a time or two when I’m pretty sure some green stuff did escape his body.

And he used to talk in the third person. So you’d get some awkward sentences like “Sam can’t like this kind of cereal!” or “Sam doesn’t want to get dressed!”

I guess it’s the time element in the mornings that makes it more stressful. It never seems like that in the evenings.

But evenings provide their own problems. So many times I’ll have the very great intention of working on project XYZ. I’m not going to let ANYTHING stop me! We get home at a decent time, maybe 5 or there about, and then about six and a half minutes later it’s already 8, and I haven’t gotten anything done except feeding people and maybe cleaning up a bit.

And by then I find myself tired, mentally and physically, and about the only thing I want to do is plop down and let my brain atrophy on some mindless tv. There’s nothing like a good Lifetime movie in a situation like that. Like I’m always telling my students, those movies are hard to beat. I love them! Mainly because it doesn’t matter if you turn it on five minutes into the movie, or an hour and a half into it, you can figure out the plot in about 10 seconds. They’re all about the same: there’s a GOOD woman in some kind of trouble. There’s a very BAD man. Sometimes there’s a good man who tries to help her. There’s usually another woman who is a friend and helper of the main woman. Sometimes, they’ll try to throw you off by having the main woman be BAD, but usually they stick with the usual formula.

And ALL of them are (say this in a very dramatic voice) Based on a TRUE STORY! My daughter and always laugh about this, figuring they take the slimmest of actual events and then hang the rest of the story on it. A man goes to buy milk – Based on a TRUE STORY! Or a woman drives home from work – Based on a TRUE STORY!

Back to reality, sometimes I really wonder how anyone ever gets anything done. I guess I get stuff done, but sometimes it takes longer than I ever imagined.

And while my son no longer is a candidate to play the villain on the big screen, he can still make my head spin around from time to time.

But then, on those occasions when I get to pick him up from school, and I see him running out, running to me with a big smile on his face, excited just because he gets to see me . . . it’s times like that when I know everything else can wait.

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