Running in the Rain

I’ve been lucky the last couple of days. It’s been cooler and rainy.

Normally, August in Arkansas means hot. I have to go running early in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in.

But yesterday, and today, it was cool with a light, steady rain yesterday, and more of a drizzle today. farm road

I like running in the rain. There’s a certain peacefulness.

It’s quiet. The traffic is light, although I do hear a few cars in the distance.

I hear the soft patter of the rain drops hitting the leaves. Hitting the road. Hitting me.

I have to wipe the water from my eyes from time to time. But that’s ok. It feels good. Refreshing.

The grayness of the day reminds me that fall will be here in few weeks. It invites me to come out and play. The child inside me loves still loves to play in the rain. To embrace the playful side of me. Of nature.

The miles stretch out before me. Unending. They’re willing to go as far as I am.

I’m running. Slowly, but running.

But that’s ok. I’m not in a hurry. There will be plenty of days in the future when I have to squeeze in a run during a busy day. Days so hot and humid that it seems a struggle just to breathe. Runs so early that I finish before sunrise so that I can hurry home and start the day.

But today I’m content to enjoy the moment. To enjoy this run. In the rain.

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