A Back-to-School poem

 It was the first day of August

Although gloomy and gray

It was time to buy school supplies

I couldn’t waste a day.


It was Tax-Free weekend school supplies

A chance to save a buck.

Sure I’d have to fight the crowds,

But I didn’t give a . . . hmmmmm, duck?


I woke up with a purpose,

And jumped (crawled) out of bed.

Nothing could stop me.

I was moving ahead!


Oh sure there were obstacles,

There always are.

The cat peed in my shoes,

But at least it wasn’t my car.


There was milk spilled at breakfast.

There were bills in the mail.

Will I ever get to Wal-Mart?

I’m moving slow as a snail!


I finally arrived,

And the crowd was actually small.

Why, I said to myself,

This will be no trouble at all.


So down the aisles I went,

Grabbing all that I needed

To help my son succeed in school

With all the knowledge he would be feeded.


Pencils and paper

And a notebook or two.

Oooooo. The highlighters look neat.

So I grabbed quite a few.


I couldn’t help but feel proud

As I filled up my cart.

Because usually I do school shopping

On the night before school starts.


But as I reached the checkout

I was soon filled with sorrow,

As the cashier indifferently told me

The No-Tax Days Sale starts tomorrow.


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