Isn’t there an instruction book for this?

First, let me emphasize, I am not a parenting expert. This will become painfully obvious as you continue to read.

This is about my adventures (or struggles, obstacles, daily dilemmas – you fill in the blank) of raising two kids as a single dad.

The one thing I’ve noticed over the last 8-plus years as a single parent, is that there’s never enough time. I’m always trying to invent new ways to do two things at once, which usually leads to nothing getting done. My daughter is in college, so now she is pretty much self-reliant.

But my son is in third grade. And somehow, all that extra time I thought I would have with my daughter pretty much grown, has somehow vanished, much like the last brownie that I thought I had safely hidden. I often find myself trying to compensate in one area of my life, only to find another area completely falling apart. I often feel like Ben Franklin in his autobiography – trying to improve one virtue only to see myself failing in others.

And so, I’ve often joked with myself that trying to hold my life together is a lot like holding together jello – sure you can hang on to some, but inevitably, something always slips through your fingers.

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