I’d Like to Report a Case of Parental Abuse

I need someone, ANYONE, to please send help my way. I’m the victim of parental abuse, and it’s not pretty.

My son is MAKING me watch Avatar – not the movie, but the animated TV show about a bald kid with arrow on his head.

Can you say “Excessively Cruel”?

Now if I was a kid – you know, like my son – I might think the show was pretty cool. I mean it’s got a pretty good story line, an intriguing plot, some laughs, and some really cool things that happen.

The Avatar is this cool kid with an arrow on his head - not that I like the show or anything.

The Avatar is this cool kid with an arrow on his head – not that I like the show or anything.

Not that I like it, of course. I’m an adult! My son is MAKING me watch it.

It all started earlier this summer when my daughter introduced him to the show on Netflix. They both seemed to have a lot of fun watching it. And my son, as you probably guessed already, loved the show.

The show recently started playing on some channel I didn’t know we got – in fact, I didn’t know we got any channels other than ESPN and the Weather Channel. I was quite amazed.

So my son decides that since Avatar is such quality television, that I need to watch it, too – no matter the consequences.


I’ve been able to stay awake for most of it. And have even managed to stay off of my cool, new smartphone while I watch. avatar 2

Basically, the show is about this Avatar kid. The Avatar is a long line of people who are charged with protecting the world and making sure it’s peaceful and in balance between Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. As each Avatar dies, a new one is born. So this one Avatar dude, Aang, has been missing for about 100 years because he ended up frozen in some large iceberg or dessert or something. Well, these two kids about his age from a Waterbending tribe find him and rescue him. Now the Avatar is roaming the world in search of training so he can prepare himself to fight the Fire Lord.

Not that I’m really paying attention to what’s going on or anything.

Well, my son is at school. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I went ahead and got today’s episodes over with. It was kind of at a cliffhanger when our episode finished yesterday. Or, at least, I think it might have been. I’m not completely sure. Did I mention my son is making me watch this?


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  1. August 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    :-). Funny

    I finished your book last night. Loved it all. The “Preacher” story was so funny, I’m copying it to send to Mom and Dad who’ll love it – they’ll probably take it to church with them 🙂

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