Presenting . . . A Stupid Man Trick

One of the hardest things for me to learn as a single dad has been cooking. Now I’m not going to say I didn’t know my way around the kitchen before my wife passed away, but on one occasion she did draw me a map to the kitchen, with explicit directions on how to find the stove.

In my early days of being a single parent, I thought there were three food groups: sandwiches, frozen food, and take out.

Then somewhere along the way I realized that at Wal-Mart, located between all the manly man items, they sell food supplies.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad. But it was at least within the same area code.

So I started off with some simple dishes. I had one or two recipes from when I was a young, single guy back in the . . . well, back a ways.

Then I slowly expanded my menu. But what I found out is what many single parents before me already knew: it’s hard to come home after work and immediately cook a meal. Not only are you tired, but it takes time to do it.

To borrow a line from my favorite episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, With God as my witness, I honestly didn't know that crock pots came in more than one size.

To borrow a line from my favorite episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, With God as my witness, I honestly didn’t know that crock pots came in more than one size.

Then I heard some of my female friends talking about cooking in a crock pot.

Aha!, I thought. A crock pot would be just the thing. All this time I thought you just used the contraption for making cheese dip. But apparently you could cook other things, too!

This was going to be great! I could put my meal on early in the morning, let it cook all day, and be ready to eat when I got home.

I suddenly felt almost like I knew what I was doing.

So what should I cook first? I mulled it over a bit, and decided on a pot roast.

We had a crock pot, so I should be good to go, right? Well, we had a small crock pot. And I hate to admit this, but I didn’t realize that crock pots came in more than one size. Who would have thought . . . Well, what man would have thought about that?

So there I was, with my big roast on one hand and my small crock pot on the other. I tried valiantly to get the roast ready to cook and was thinking, just how in the heck are you supposed to get this roast into this thing!

Finally, somehow, I worked the roast into crock pot. Whew! Now I was ready to start doing some SERIOUS cooking.

There was only one small, itty bitty matter still in front of me. How in the HECK was I going to fit the veggies in this thing!

Needless to say, my first attempt at cooking the roast ended up veggie-less.

A short time later I discovered what would revolutionize my life as a single dad in the kitchen: the LARGER crock pot. It was like discovering the new world. Or even a new cool app for my phone.

I’m proud to say that I have since learned to cook several things in my crock pot. And some of the things my kids will even eat. So I think I might be on to something.

Now, if I can just learn how to work the washer and dryer . . .



  7 comments for “Presenting . . . A Stupid Man Trick

  1. June 18, 2014 at 8:02 am

    Get some Jamie Oliver cook books. Especially Jamie’s ministry of food as it starts you on the basics! And if you’ve cash to burn, look up vorwerk. Amazing gadget that does EVERYTHING!!!

    • June 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm

      Ok, I have to admit, I’m not familiar with Jamie Oliver, but I will check out some of her books.
      And I haven’t heard of a vorwerk. I need something that does everything!

      Thank you for reading!

      • June 24, 2014 at 5:32 pm

        Jamie Oliver is a male chef from the UK. He’s family orientated (has 4 kids) and his cooking suits family life. Google him.
        A vorwerk is an amazing but expensive but of kitchen kit. Again, google it. Am sure it’s available in the states?!?
        If you want I can message you some hints and tips!

        Well done you for all your efforts so far. Am sure your kids are very proud x

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster
    June 18, 2014 at 8:14 am

    I have recently gone through a like discovery process. My mom didn’t want to waste time teaching a tomboy to cook, so I’ve had to wing it. Just this morning, my larger crockpot took a tumble and I was unspeakably glad when I caught it before it hit the ground. I rely on that thing!

    • June 20, 2014 at 4:49 pm

      Right?! I don’t know how I’d make it without mine, now.
      And good catch! I’m glad you were able to save it!!

  3. June 18, 2014 at 9:27 am

    Forget the washer. I bet some water, laundry soap and a couple dirty shirts & jeans squished into the crock pot would come out clean by the time you get home. You could have a whole counter of crock pots.

    Hub and I don’t cook much so take out and frozen food rules here. I’ve often said when we remodel the kitchen, I can nix the stove and go with 3 microwaves.

    • June 20, 2014 at 4:49 pm

      Ha. I hadn’t thought of that. You might be on to something there. If I try it, I’ll let you know how it goes . . . 🙂

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