Boys will be boys

If you’re ever looking for me or my son, there’s a good chance we’re out in the front yard playing something.

We play football, baseball, basketball (well, that’s actually in the driveway), and even soccer from time to time.

Me and my son after playing football somewhere other than our front yard.

Me and my son after playing football somewhere other than our front yard.

This time of year, it’s football. Every afternoon if the weather allows, we go out and play for a bit. He likes to run pass patterns and have me throw to him. I think it’s safe to say, that any college and NFL scouts can safely bypass our street. There’s not a lot to see there (I can’t understand why they don’t want a short, unathletic, unmobile 40-something quarterback . . .)

In fact, my son doesn’t even play organized football, although he thinks he’d like to try it next year. But in the meantime, we just do it for fun. And we do have fun.

We try to find time to play every day, even if it’s just for a little while. Sometimes, it’s just for 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s for short intervals while I have something baking or cooking (that adds an element of danger. Imagine if players in the NFL had to play well AND produce delicious brownies during a game!)

I truly believe my son could stay out running patterns all day. Then sometimes after he makes a catch, he’ll punt it back to me. When it strays from me, he’ll run after the ball, trying to beat me to it. Sometimes we wrestle for possession, sometimes he’s too quick, sometimes I can just take it away from him. And all the while, we’re both laughing.

Sometimes we stay out until it’s almost impossible to see the ball. This isn’t too bad with a Nerf football, but not something you want to do during baseball season.

Our afternoon games aren’t something you’ll ever see on ESPN. But that’s ok with me. We’re doing something together that’s more remarkable to me than any of the top plays you could see on TV.

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