The Cheeseburger Quest continues

I’ve had several people ask me if I’ve found that “perfect” cheeseburger. Well, as always, I’m still on my quest for the Best Cheeseburger in the World. And I’ve got one you need to try.

The cheeseburger at Barr's Junction has a great flavor and is loaded with fresh toppings.

The cheeseburger at Barr’s Junction has a great flavor and is loaded with fresh toppings.

In the small town of Rosston, Ark., I love to stop at Barr’s Junction, a little country store situated right betwixt two highways. Barr’s Junction has a little bit of everything – groceries, gas, snacks, and even plumbing supplies.

I’ve always had a fondness for country stores to begin with, and Barr’s takes me back to when I was a kid and my grandmother took me to a country store close to her house.

Barr’s has a menu with several items, including fish (that’s pretty good) and a taco salad (that looks good, but I haven’t tried yet).

But the cheeseburger is always good. And the fries are also very good – a good fry for a country store.

The fries are also especially good at Barr's

The fries are also especially good at Barr’s

The Cheeseburger is always piled high with fresh toppings. The meat is tasty and cooked just right. What I think makes this burger especially good is the bun – they toast the bun just right, and it always has a good feel and taste to it.

The burger is huge. So if you’re not real hungry, it’s easy to split one with someone. But, as you might expect, I hardly ever do that.

I usually get a fountain drink wherever I go, and it’s nice at Barr’s because the drinks are good and the refills are free.

As you might expect, you’ll see a lot of locals at Barr’s, but I think that just adds to the overall experience. So if you’re looking for a good burger to try, make a trip to Rosston today or this weekend (except not on Sundays – they’re closed). Or if you just happen to be driving by, stop in. You’ll be glad you did.hamburger sign

What’s one of your favorite burgers? I’m always looking for a new place to try.

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