Entering the world of business

There’s nothing quite like doing something for the first time.

My son stands proudly in front of his first business.

My son stands proudly in front of his first business.

For my son, getting his first taste of business was almost more excitement than he could handle, and it was more excitement than I could handle.

It started on a Friday as we prepared for a yard sale with my mom and sister. (I say “we” in that I was involved in mind and spirit if not always physically present.)

You would have thought it was my son’s birthday and Christmas with snow predicted to fall the next day. He was non-stop, talking, running around the house, looking forward to being a part of something that was, to him, new and exciting.

His enthusiasm carried late into the night, and brought him out of bed at 5:30 the next morning. Let me tell you, this boy was ready to go.

He was almost too excited to eat breakfast as the yard sale was about to start. But then a new idea formed: what if he set up a lemonade stand. A business of his very own! It was a good business, too, with the early temperature quickly climbing into the 90s.

It was hard not to be excited just watching his enthusiasm. He was nonstop motion until we closed. And the smile on his face when he made a sale and earned money of his very own.

He took each customer seriously, and was slow and deliberate in filling each cup with the same amount. He was very proud of his business – and of the money he was earning. He was already looking forward to when he could possibly sell lemonade again.

I love my job. I’m very fortunate to have a job like that. I know because I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love. And that’s being nice. For those that don’t know, I teach marketing courses at a local university. It’s great because I get to spend my day talking to students about a subject I love. And I try to come into each class with some enthusiasm.

I just wish I had as much enthusiasm as my son showed on his first day as a business owner. Maybe this is another one of those times when I learned something from him.

By a little after noon, with the lemonade and yard sale packed away, he was showing the toll of the day. He stretched out and took a much-deserved nap.

Luckily, that’s one skill I’ve already mastered.

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