Dad, can I ask you some more questions?

samIf you’re a regular reader, you know my son has never worried about what curiosity did to the cat. In fact, if he could find that cat, my son would ask him just what exactly curiosity did do to him.

You might be wondering where my son gets all his questions. My only reply is this: Where do socks go when you lose them in the dryer? – No one knows.

And so, without further delay, is another round of questions from a curious young mind.

“Do you need a pogo stick?” Ummmm, probably not today.

“If you were going to hit one of us, would you hit me or H?” Uh? Well, I don’t kn-

“How long do I have to take this medicine?” As long as it takes.

“What does hypocrisy mean?” Well, ummmm . . . Let me find the dictionary . . .

“Do you wish you had a deserted island?” At this moment . . .

“Do you have anything you need me to do?” YES!!!!!

“What do you wish more than anything else?” Hmmmmmm (Must bite tongue!)

“Which way is east?” Ummmmm.  Hold on, I should know this one . . .

“In chess, if both players only have a king left, is that a tie, even if they don’t want it to be?” What the hel-

“Can I invite a friend over?” Probably.

“What’s your favorite thing in the world beside me and H?” Hmmmm . . .

“Are you going to take a nap?” It’s looking doubtful.

“Can I help you cook?” Only if you promise to try some.

“What’s your favorite sport after football and basketball?” Ummm . . .

“Do you think the United States will make it to the World Cup?” Hmmmm

“What’s your favorite dessert besides cookies, cake, and ice cream?” Ummmm . . . what’s left?

“What is your least favorite thing in the world?” Ummmmm (must bite tongue! Harder this time!!)

  1 comment for “Dad, can I ask you some more questions?

  1. July 5, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    I wear a FitBit to track my daily steps. This morning I was wondering if someone could invent something similar to count the words that come out of Ting’s mouth each day. I think it would far exceed my step count!

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